ethereum ya tiene modelos de asic casi listos y trabajando, sabes a donde iran a parar todos los mineros afectados?

imaginate que te caigan 3000 mineros de ethereum

sobre la adopcion de pos-pow de ethereum

ethereum esta lleno de asic

The rough roadmap for development is as follows: 2018 November/December - Service Nodes up 2018 Late December – Loki messenger open beta 2019 Janurary/Feb - Loki messenger released 2019 March - SNApp Open source SDK

Necesitas dos mother, dos procesadores, etc ....

Tuanvu Pro: How long to be on the binance

Can some one link me the English community

Hey Guys, I'm finally kicking off Whitepaper Translations! PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK, A BOUNTY WILL NOT BE PAID IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT ME BEFORE STARTING! I will be trying to pick one member for each translation who i feel is best equipt This is important so that the Whitepaper can reach as many people as possible. For the initial round of translations, we will target the language regions that have demonstrated the most interest in Loki. Chinese Spanish French Korean Russian After this initial round we will open to further languages. The bounty is 1850 LOKI for each translation.

ATTN: Twitterers, Tweeters, Filmmakers and YouTubers! Here's another way to earn some $LOKI 😉
After weeks of testing, we are pleased fully release software for the upcoming mainnet launch of Service Nodes on the 20th of September. Many thanks to the community who have helped us test and find issues - without you this would have been a lot slower! This release marks the beginning of the mandatory upgrade period. You will need to update your software if you are a pool operator or exchange, and clients will need to update before they can send transactions after the hardfork. A GUI update will also go live in the next 24 hours. A note to pool operators - there appears to have been some issues with a common dependacy for many mining pools with recent updates. Jack has updated his reference implementation to include the fix for these issues: or if you do not use this particular software, the specific commit that fixes the issue can be found here: As always, if you need help with upgrades, jump on the discord! Very exciting times! I look forward to seeing who gets the first Service Nodes up at the hardfork! Download the mainnet release here:
¡Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Konnichiwa! The Loki Whitepaper is now available in SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN & JAPANESE!!! 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇯🇵
Lokinet lead developer, Jeff Becker, will be giving a live demo of the latest Lokinet alpha release today October 19th, 12PM EST. Stop past his twitch channel and have a chat.

For those with Linux, try out the Lokinet Alpha!(Guides for Windows and Mac will be coming soon)

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Hey guys, Looking for translators for the new Electron GUI wallet, Need translators for Chinese, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, French and KoreanIts about 400 Lines of translations the bounty will be 250 Loki, PM me for the detailsThanksContact: @KeeJef

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