Já volvo aca...mi Nivia né lhama em mi telefono..jajaja😂🙏🏽

Hey Guys, I'm finally kicking off Whitepaper Translations! PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK, A BOUNTY WILL NOT BE PAID IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT ME BEFORE STARTING! I will be trying to pick one member for each translation who i feel is best equipt This is important so that the Whitepaper can reach as many people as possible. For the initial round of translations, we will target the language regions that have demonstrated the most interest in Loki. Chinese Spanish French Korean Russian After this initial round we will open to further languages. The bounty is 1850 LOKI for each translation.

Please DM @keejef to follow up on this.

ATTN: Twitterers, Tweeters, Filmmakers and YouTubers! Here's another way to earn some $LOKI 😉 https://bit.ly/2KgmEQ1

why difficulty is down? prize?

hola a todos los invito a mi rapida pool lok.minealiance.com 0% fee, gracias a esta comunidad hemos crecido, los espero

los esperamos a tod en esta gran pool que inicia lento pero con fuerza

https://coin360.io/share/19205f9dcef2a97a98d5ec309ba0d8cd5458a872 Coin360.io • Market State • Coins and tokens • 1 day performance • Market cap

me gusta espero que la usen

Here's a cute little tute for anyone wanting to have a play on our SERVICE NODE TESTNET ✊ Prepare yourself... https://youtu.be/Z8UYeGVLgN0
Hey everyone, this weeks Dev update is live! We have changed a fair few things on testnet, and getting ready for mainnet launch soon! https://www.reddit.com/r/LokiProject/comments/9ds8x1/dev_update_07092018/
After weeks of testing, we are pleased fully release software for the upcoming mainnet launch of Service Nodes on the 20th of September. Many thanks to the community who have helped us test and find issues - without you this would have been a lot slower! This release marks the beginning of the mandatory upgrade period. You will need to update your software if you are a pool operator or exchange, and clients will need to update before they can send transactions after the hardfork. A GUI update will also go live in the next 24 hours. A note to pool operators - there appears to have been some issues with a common dependacy for many mining pools with recent updates. Jack has updated his reference implementation to include the fix for these issues: https://github.com/jcktm/node-cryptoforknote-util or if you do not use this particular software, the specific commit that fixes the issue can be found here: https://github.com/jcktm/node-cryptoforknote-util/commit/dde20b6a43029003d1ef18a8879dc338b44eea88 As always, if you need help with upgrades, jump on the discord! Very exciting times! I look forward to seeing who gets the first Service Nodes up at the hardfork! Download the mainnet release here: https://github.com/loki-project/loki/releases/tag/v1.0.0-rc

estoy minando con simpleminig y el eth es una ruina, voy a ver si me aclaro 😃, se agradece cualquier ayuda 👍

Con sm lo use hace tiempo y no ouedo ahudarte

😃 gracias de todos modos

As if Service Nodes weren't enough, check out this brand spanking new animation: This Is Loki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lykh-NqkKys&t= 🙌 Share it around and get excited!

porfin en español

alguien esta minando loki?

la hoja de ruta en español existe por ahi?

@Piucham Hola, yo opero mining.luxor.tech y traduci el White Paper a español pero todavía no está disponible

¡Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Konnichiwa! The Loki Whitepaper is now available in SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN & JAPANESE!!! loki.network/whitepaper/spanish 🇪🇸 loki.network/whitepaper/french 🇫🇷 loki.network/whitepaper/german 🇩🇪 loki.network/whitepaper/japanese 🇯🇵

cuando pondran el stalker?

Lokinet lead developer, Jeff Becker, will be giving a live demo of the latest Lokinet alpha release today October 19th, 12PM EST. Stop past his twitch channel and have a chat. https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519/

como se hace para recibir recompensas con loki?

tengo el monedero es suficiente?

esto solo va con masternodo? no hay otra forma de recibir un extra?

Creo que sino tienes masternode, o se lo das a gente que tenga menos que tú (y el karma te lo devuelva) no

pues le van a dar a masternodo ese ke vale 15k €

luego para ke caiga mas

es mejor minar y hacer hold

para eso esta vechsin

1.000.000 de vet y haces un supernodo y sin servidor

Loki me gusta el nombre , suena como el hermano rival de btc .

hay alguna buena noticia?