Of course you could run a dictionary attack against all possible names which would catch simple ones like "jason" but probably wouldn't catch jason💚loki

hm weird, my wallet is at 99.9% 496615/497316 synced, but using v1.3.3

is it because of fork?

Possibly, but I think it'd get stuck on 496969 if that were the case.

someone's nodes got all knocked off?

100 of them is gone

Some people didn't update, apparently.


its a big operator.. maybe the provider took it offline ?

the hosting provider

kinda scary as the ISP can just take out all ur nodes if they find it troublesome.

It could be a million things not worth speculating really

SERVICE NODES SUMMARY:Current Block: 497,399Num of Running Nodes: 982Versions: 7.1.2 (100.00%), Service Node Stake Requirement: 18,005.395 LOKIBlock Reward for Service Node: 16.5 LOKIAvg daily Reward: 12.098 LOKIHours between rewards: 32h 44mTotally Contributed: 19,215,585 LOKI% of Circ. Supply: 41.164%Open for contribution: 5 pools (http://www.lokisn.com/status/awaiting_contribution)Decomissioned nodes: 93 (http://www.lokisn.com/status/decomissioned)

What does this mean please?FROM SOCKET: 2020-03-25 18:45:31.844 W Vote verification failed; ignoring vote

Hey all Wallets is not syncing , has there been an upgrade or something ?

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You can use CLI wallet. It synchs just fine.

can we register a node for individual staking on cli wallet?

Ya team is sleeping now but hopefully Soonnnnn we get updated wallets

Just so you know... You guys can fix your Electron Wallet by downloading the v7.1.2 windows zip at https://github.com/loki-project/loki-core/releases and copying "lokid.exe" and "loki-wallet-rpc.exe" and pasting them into the resources—>bin folder for the Electron Wallet

I imagine you can do something similar with macos too

but recommend only advanced power users try that

yea it's the "unofficial" fix :)

actually I bet some of the functionality still will be broken because the RPC is different

could be... but for basic functionality it seems to work. I've done this so many times with the previous releases and to tell you the truth I never had an issue

The only thing that would be slightly weird in the RPC is that if you select a priority of anything other than "slowest" (or whatever the lowest one is) it'll blink.

It used to be (internally) that slowest -> 1, normal -> 2, fast -> 3, fastest -> 4, and blink -> 5. Now anything other than 1 does a blink.

I always use unimportant 😊

even for saving a little cents

@jagerman42 is the protocol keeping track of how much Loki is burnt?

Or is it just decrementing the total supply?

I guess you can see it here - all the 20+ tx size with ? output

SERVICE NODES SUMMARY:Current Block: 497,576Num of Running Nodes: 990Versions: 7.1.2 (100.00%), Service Node Stake Requirement: 18,002.552 LOKIBlock Reward for Service Node: 16.5 LOKIAvg daily Reward: 12 LOKIHours between rewards: 33h 0mTotally Contributed: 19,351,067 LOKI% of Circ. Supply: 41.454%Open for contribution: 2 pools (http://www.lokisn.com/status/awaiting_contribution)Decomissioned nodes: 70 (http://www.lokisn.com/status/decomissioned)

Also @jagerman42 is re-blinking a locked balance possible yet?

No, next hardfork hopefully