SERVICE NODES SUMMARY:Current Block: 547,426Num of Running Nodes: 1,074Versions: 7.1.9 (99.63%), 7.1.8 (0.37%), Service Node Stake Requirement: 17,299.857 LOKIBlock Reward for Service Node: 16.5 LOKIAvg daily Reward: 11.061 LOKIHours between rewards: 35h 47mTotally Contributed: 20,057,532 LOKI% of Circ. Supply: 41.636%Open for contribution: 11 pools ( nodes: 1 (

What is the All-time-High Service node count?

1075 according to dashboard.

Looks like 1086... But could be +/- a few. The graph seems to have that value

Damn we are creeping up

where did you pull that? The dashboard is hard to follow the trace and return specific values from.

Tap you finger on it (if on phone) and select the peak point... Shows a tool tip

... one more soon ☝️

SERVICE NODES SUMMARY:Current Block: 547,551Num of Running Nodes: 1,073Versions: 7.1.9 (99.63%), 7.1.8 (0.37%), Service Node Stake Requirement: 17,298.32 LOKIBlock Reward for Service Node: 16.5 LOKIAvg daily Reward: 11.072 LOKIHours between rewards: 35h 45mTotally Contributed: 20,035,329 LOKI% of Circ. Supply: 41.588%Open for contribution: 12 pools ( decomissioned nodes

How can that 10% node with 81% filled still have 4/4 slots available?

Where do you see that?

9.99%! The undercutting has started.

Top one on

must be a bug on the website

Tiago S
Top one on

I don't see it there now, would appreciate if you DM me a screenshot next time, so I can investigate and fix it, thanks!

I find same node yesterday and also some others similar before... yesterday was min Loki for contribution about 790, but when i try to stake my wallet output min 1580 Loki...

😳 So many nodes168 have requested an unlock