it could be anyone of them no?

so you can't find an IP of the SNApp hosting server in the list of SN IPs

Well i mean they couldI could set my servicenode to host a snap of all my servicenode info over lokinet that could just be a simple webpage.

but you still couldnt finding the IP of the snapp hosting server in the list of SN IP as you say.

Still the node operator would then have acsess to the data on a single server . Can it be distributed ?.

The source of the SNApp is hidden. It could reside anywhere. As long as you have the address it can be accessed without revealing the host. Regardless of it being centralized the data would have to be trusted. I believe you may be more interested in the attribute of consensus vs decentralization. Loki has a consensus mechanism within it's nodes in which trust is based on staking. I believe the challenge is building trust not decentralizing the application.

When do you think the pulse can run?

When does the pulse testnet start?

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Think less? No. Question your objectivity towards the matter? Yes.

So you're saying that a Chinese person's opinion on their own government would be less valid than a western person's opinion on the CPC?Does that work the other way around too? Is a Chinese persons opinion on the US government more valid than a US person's opinion on the US government?Do Americans have some kind of delusion where if they invaded China the Chinese people would join them in overthrowing the CPC?

@bigmoneyhome I think the automod is deleting your messages.

Okay back on topic, I've been 24h now on a testing exit node with everything carried over mainnet and it's working really well. For some operations (like ssh) I notice the lag but for general browsing it's been great.

Why would ssh lag?

Just general latency - I find I can't really notice below 50ms latency, start to notice around 100ms, and via a lokinet exit it can be 300-500ms, so the ssh session is lagging behind what I type. Still usable, just a bit annoying especially for file editing.

It's mainly the hops. It varies as it builds paths -- I've seen pings as low as 200ms, or as high as 500ms.

If data could be prioritised by burning coins would it help any?

Maybe eventually, but at the moment I doubt there's enough traffic over lokinet for it to make a difference.

Is the plan for Linux Exits first and then Windows and Mac?

No, we're working on all three. Linux is just the easiest place to start because it involves the least amount of cursing.

You do not want your kids listening in on the lokinet mumble server.

If data could be prioritised by burning coins would it help any?

I believe the main concern here is how to anonymously monitor traffic in order to properly apply priority service.

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I think they need to experience the life in a 1st world country at first

If you don't count China as a 1st world country, then anything you say has zero value to me

If we look at GDP per capita, no one can say they're not in the club

Whatever one thinks about China, to keep this Loki related, Loki should seek to make all the derivatives easily accessible inside the great firewall.

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Is pulse 30 days put from launchor more?

Kee said Pulse testnet is "Very Soon" if you scroll up. normally they give user 3-4 weeks of lead up time before a fork, however I don't know how much they will give this time.

There have been 7 Hardforks already, but they are really just network upgrades

Yep, bringing Loki to Version 8.0

can i keep my loki in the iOS wallet then or do i need to do sth ?

All you need to do for coins in your wallet is upgrade your wallet, if you run a node that is when you need to install the new software

There has never been a contested upgrade so the old network dies the new one lives on.

I believe the main concern here is how to anonymously monitor traffic in order to properly apply priority service.

Burning loki could give you a secondary currency on a temporary 1 year blockchain that the service nodes hold. When you burn x loki you could be give y amount of tokens on this second blockchain, 1 token could be exchanged for x hours of premium priority on 1 SN hop. So if you use 3 hops you would use 3 tokens.These tokens could be spent using ring signatures so that no one knows which tokens you are spending.Hopefully this makes sense haha, it's just an idea I'm not sure if it would work in real life though.

Oh yeah, nevermind we have had 10 forks🤣

Are they really hardforks if the previous chain is still linked

Would you say it's more to protect your data from corporations like Facebook?

i mean, maybe? i think there is a lot more that needs to be done on that front to be effective.

"holy fuck i think it works" a quote from our windows dev a few moments ago.

Ah that moment of joy that comes from first witnessing an event beyond any human rational explanation of something on Windows actually working somewhat they way it was intended to. PFM.

So what all can the loki storage server store?