The restrictions currently are on the size of messages that can be passed between storage-servers, because users are onion routing requests through them rather than directly to your server. The longer term plan, though, is for this traffic to go "directly" over lokinet, where there will be no such restriction.

Not to my knowledge, but I'm not a Session dev so I can't really answer that authoritatively.

How can open groups now control who can join

How can open groups now control who can join

Because the world is controlled by tinpot dictators 😂

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10k sats tomorrow pls

Let's leave price speculation and trading chats in the unofficial trading channel Loki Trading Group (Unofficial)

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is 1.4.4 the current wallet? is anyone else having to resync the entire wallet to open it? i been opening it every 2-4 days to keep it synced now its back to 0, well at 12% now but just wondering why

No, I havent this issue (Linux). Try other remote.

No, I havent this issue (Linux). Try other remote.

yeah im on linux, it wont allow me to access the remote only

keeps saying could not access the remote node

List of Remote nodes:address: Port number:22023 (Germany)address: (FR)address: Port number: 18081 (AUS)Copy of the blockchain:

^^ use one of them

had the aus one in place didnt want to play, i will try the rest i guess

go team Germany :) cheers bud

Loki Peanut

Man I hope to time-to-market is not to far away for BlockSwap. Concept is on point - execution will be quality as it always is with Loki.

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Oh cool - did you get a roadmap?

Lol, if you think they can build blockswap in 4 months. They have been working on session for 2 years and still working on "getting it stable".

I like the idea but let's not pretend its a 4 month project.

Blockswap has to be 100% solid before its launched.

There’s no roadmap yet but the idea is to build a proof of concept first which shouldn’t take that much time

Need so get something shipped ASAP! THE PEOPLE WANT BLOCKSWAP ❤️

Vince G.
I like the idea but let's not pretend its a 4 month project.

First off, you’re off by 25%. There’s 5 full months left in 2020.

Second, I think a huge unknown is if and how long the team worked on it before making an announcement

Unknowns something well known here😉

Vince G.
I like the idea but let's not pretend its a 4 month project.

No one thinks a fully decentralized version will be done in 4 months. But the plan is not to start there, but rather to start with a much easier centralized version as a first step and then work outward from there.

I think we’ll get more clarity about the timeframe soon

I don’t know shit about this, but passively observing comments, I thought there could be some projects out there that could be borrowed from (much like how this whole coin started as a fork of Monero), the team could have been working on it prior to the announcement, and something could be soon. All of that leads to one set of expectations. Maybe they haven’t started working on it, are waiting to get all the details in the GitHub post ironed out, and have nothing to borrow from (i.e., fork). That would lead to very different expectations for a release date

My theory? I don’t have a theory. I’ve just been observing. I think we’re going to get a lot of clarification next week

I used to listen to him but he got wayyy to farfetched.