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See, I just edited what you quoted

Let’s just put a pin in this - it’s going nowhere :)

Cool that BTC hit 11200 👍🏽

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@LokiNugget sir , Kindly check my PM 😊

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@LokiNugget sir , Kindly check my PM 😊

@alexblinton @Joshalosh - These guys are a good starting point for AMA requests. Thanks!

When is the swap thing operational??

Is it going to have privacy?

Crypto Babies
Is it going to have privacy?

You sure would hope that a privacy based project would bring it! :)

Bought this coin at -15% then it made 30% reversal

hi, how many minimum required loki to run masternode

hi, how many minimum required loki to run masternode

Min. is 25% of the current Node stake.. its around 16,850 for a full node. (its dropping in a curve, and will settle at 15000 once it reaches there by Block 1million).

So you need 4212 Loki appox to setup a node, min. and upto 3 other contributors can fill the rest to activate the node. And all share the rewards. The Op can setup a fee like 10~15% of fee.. to cover VPS costs etc.

i only ready 5200 loki hope can join

i only ready 5200 loki hope can join

Sure can, jump in to one of the many available nodes!

join the service node community, it's easy to stake

you can do it through the wallet

Is there a way to turn off lokinet hops to improve latency? right now i'm using lokinet to SSH into a raspberrypi thats behind a router at home. i find this useful... but i know there is latency issues vs clearnet... i dont really care for the anonymization but like to use lokinet to access boxes behind a firewall.

yes you can reduce the hops on the ssh server side if you don't care about the server's anonymity

just having the .loki address is anonymous enough... there's no way to scan for .loki addresses is there?

mainly using this for personal use.

in network section of the server side's lokinet.ini add hops=1

on the other side use hops=2

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in network section of the server side's lokinet.ini add hops=1

Is this fixed for 0.8? I attempted to use this to run Quake III Arena over Lokinet but att it didn't work. Not that it's a great idea but like many things in life it's because you can.

probably fixed

Is .8x a breaking release for .loki addresses?

And is there any pool like where Loki I mean small amounts like 2-3 loki or more can be staked?

Sorry but 2 or three Loki is less than 2euros. What so you expect to earn if only sending is already maybe 0.3loki.

Anyway its even too little for to trade it in exchange, i guess

Ya, the Kucoin withdrawal is 2 Loki

Fee is about 0.1loki

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Is someone there

Can public groups now send large files?

I think the limit is supposed to be around 10MB

How can I remove this restriction