If we go by graft standards 3-6 months**=tentively

Legal Reasons🤔🧐

Like not talking about exchange listings etc. Legal reasons.

Legal reason such as the coin will pump to hell if he tells us, and i heard they are trying to buy coins back because they know it is gonna pump big time 🙊

Either that, or someone was scammin pretending to OTC buy lokis 🌚

Simon Harman
I can't for legal reasons, but I'm expecting something way before 2 years hahaha

You are were very humble in the interview I saw, believe in meritocracy etc. I hope you are right because you deserve success in this space, this is the only project I have ever invested in that I've seen people working their asses off every week even in terrible market conditions over the last 2 years. OK, all that proves is that I'm a terrible investor and got lucky buying Loki, but holding Loki this whole time kept the crypto dream alive! Thank you for your hard work and keeping at least my spirits up when it seemed the dream was dead

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It’s buying hour

Simon Harman
Thanks man, that means a lot to me! We're pushing really hard right now, hope you guys will see the results soon

We may or may not see some gains, crypto is a funny place, but at the very least you put in the effort to try and make it happen, and to my knowledge never made any attempt to make this something it isn't. For that you have my respect at the very least.

Well thanks for your kind words! Gives me energy to keep it up!

are there any legal consequences?

Yes, The Loki foundation will be commencing legal action, seeking remunerations for all Service Node operator fees above 30% 😜

Hi guys I'm the lawyer loki hired for this case. We can end this amicably if you just send me the outstanding 20-30% to my loki wallet.

If you don't all I can say is you are a very naughty boy.

👆In case sarcasm isn't your thing...just going to drop this right here... "j/k"

Yes I was thinking I might need to add that for the Americans 😂 /s /seriously no one he s sarcasm?

The best answer for when people in crypto ask for results is just to say Soon! It transcends on so many levels.

No results. Just "news".

I wonder if it’ll be more profitable to stake into a vault node or multiple service nodes 🤔 Guess it depends how many service nodes will cross over and by how much the service node reward gets cut.

Is the goal to make them as equal as possible?

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can any admin share official loki wallet link?

Both Mobile and Desktop, please 🙏

Loki.network/getstarted should have the latest links 🙂

You can verify the hashes as well if you want to be sure the software you download is an official release from us

It’s that time again — Loki Request for Comment. This time, it’s all about Blockswap. This LRC has some economic details, but it's chiefly concerned with reward distribution. We encourage everyone from the community to discuss here:https://github.com/loki-project/loki-improvement-proposals/issues/24
Alex Linton
No problem 🙂

One more thing is the recovery phrase of 13 words or 25 words or the number of words can be different every time?

Should be 25 I believe

I'm trying to login via app but it says "Something went wrong please check the mnemonic again"

Can I view my balance with view key that I have and if yes then how can I do it please tell

Hmm, how long is the mnemonic you’re inputting? If you’re trying to restore, it will require the seed. Paging @KeeJef or @tophut

And it's a one and half year old seed that shouldn't make any difference right?

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Session is an amazing app. I have invited several of my friends and got them using session

Can someone suggest tasks or something by which I can earn Loki?

Can someone suggest tasks or something by which I can earn Loki?

You can stake your Loki to participate in the network and earn rewards in Loki.