Loki Peanut

he's got a BUNCH of influential crypto twitter people following him toospecial mention to the person who suggested loki messenger lol

Build and they will come. Session still has very unique qualities that will shine through with time


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Awesome growth hack! Kudos

Session download links:Desktop: https://github.com/loki-project/session-desktop/releasesiOS: https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/releasesAndroid: https://github.com/loki-project/session-android/releasesOpen Groups:Session Public Chat: https://chat.getsession.orgLoki Community: https://loki.opensession.idSession Feedback: https://feedback.getsession.orgSession UI/UX Focus group: https://ui.getsession.org

will name purchases be available later in GUI wallet?

lokid Version: 7.1.2Changes:Updated binaries for hardfork 15 - Valiant VidarAdded auto-updating.Minor bug fixesLNS will be coming in a future patch of the wallet

RIght now a session name costs 20 Loki

I think the LokiNet LNS is scheduled to be around 5-10 USD

Will it be "first come - first serve" or some kind of auction type of system?

Session Names went first come first serve but those are less important in my opinion

I don't care if my name is Kraig or Kraig1234

Hello sir.. where can i exchange my btc to loki ?

Kucoin or Tradeogre

TradeOgre and KuCoin are decent.

okay i will give it a try.. thanks

i still can't find this loki currency on kucoin.. where is it located ? πŸ˜…


1 more question, does Loki have it owns wallet on Kucoin ?

Yes it does. It also offers soft staking. But it's always safer to move your coins into your own wallet 😌

When you buy $loki it will be automatically stored in a wallet the exchange generates for you. You'll be able to view that wallet address in the "assets" section.

That's not a loki wallet

Cool. Like I said better to buy your Loki and move it into your own wallet (desktop, ios or Android)


There are some sync issues on ios mobile wallet

Can't get it to sync. Gets stuck. Closing or refresh doesn't do anything

I don't believe the mobile wallets have been updated yet. The desktop version has and your coins will be there

I have not looked at my mobile wallet

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