Loki #1 by market cap... hahahaha

lol Free Float Supply 535,002,258,742

Supply errorBut it looks good

Jefff, will Windows Lokinet be ready soon? πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

waiting for the built exe to be signed

Lokid is stuck at 497181

I tried pop_blocks 1000 and it syncs back upto 497181 then gets stuck again.

Never mind, I got it working

Somebody please expalin why I am decommisioned when I have Valiant Vidar from this morning?Thanks

Can you check your node here

LokiBlocks is having some issues

Sam Fransisco
So it’s normal for wallets to not be syncing right now?

Yes, hopefully soon the new wallets will come out with the V7 fork support

B o J a X

Okay good so you have 1.6 days to get this fixed.

Now is your node can you run the following command

loki-launcher client

launcher isnt running

"running client launcher isnt running" it gives

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Loki IOS wallet doesn’t sync anymore. Tried all available nodes.

LOKI $0.246 | 3,706 sat1h -0.14%↓ | 24h -1.49%↓ | 7d 17.40%↑Volume: $10,838 | Circ. Supply: 535,002,258,742 LOKI Loki Service Node Explorer:

Not sure Wallets have been updated with V.7 Fork yet

The CLI had been updated, gui and mobile wallets shouldn't be too far away. There are some big improvements just getting the final touches.

Sounds good! I knew the CLI was updated most people just use the sexy versions :)

Lokid is stuck at 497181

This is a bit worrying; that's the same block got stuck.

now whats permission problem?

@kraig I don't get how he "permissions" whe I downloaded valiant vidar last night..

You are having some permissions issues

sudo loki-launcher start