Crazy how they come in waves

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It's amazing how many people find session interesting and are immediately turned off by the fact that it's associated with Loki

I was very VERY apprehensive about the rebrand but it seems to have been a great move

No. Mostly info sec guys. Some are btc maximalists tho

I'm not sure why the info sec guys wouldn't appreciate the second order effects of how platforms are funded. If there isn't a way to support the platform externally then I'd be more leery about what the platform was attempting to obtain from me using it to want to facilitate it.

Their argument is that time locking btc or using LN nodes provides equivocal sybil resistance. But that lacks incentive.

BTC minimalists see everything any alt does as shitcoin work. They would prefer everyone put their holdings in BTC just to raise the price and reaffirm their beliefs. Whatever an alt does BTC will do that someday with bells on attitude.

They can start with fixing their open ledger if they give any concern over privacy.

Changes to the btc protocol should be minimal

I personaly think btc has gained the most value mainly because it is robust, stable, and hard to change. This induces a lot of trust in the protocol.

Changes can break stuff, cant risk that

Alts however can explore different ideas and improvements but if you want to park a large sum into one od these assets. You are better off putting it in BTC since you are almost guaranteed it will not change

Things like what happened to iota today just wount happen

Well, less likely to happen

What happened to iota today?

Trinity wallet has a problem, stolen funds

It won't change. We've seen the justifications change to cover it's value for that it is able to provide. "store of value". It has it's place and probably always will. Is the only application for blockchain? Likely not.

Lots of funds, the hole DAG is shutdown

In what may be the beginning of the true end of free speech, lookie what Great Britain has done. The sooner Loki completes it's mission, the better.

Taproot was in the pipeline for hears and has yet to see an implementation. Its not cuz its hard to do, but its because changing the protlocl is and should be hard

Cant be a store of value if it keeps altering the rules of the game and risking game changing faults

I agree maximalists are turds if they think other chains cant do something better

I agree its not the only application but at the same time I am pro not changing bitcoin protocol more then it needs to

It would undermine it adapting it to suit all applications which leaves it open to alts to pick up the other potential uses.

BTC cannot suit all applications. I've read countless layer2 and layer 3 proposals on how to use the BTC layer 1 for different applications.

Theoretically you can draw graphs and do all sorts of things on the graf

But when it comes to application, BTC cant host these ideas

I would wager it never will

It has found its place and use as a store of value, and frankly thats all it can be.

The optics of BTC needing fixing are worse to it's value than whatever capability it may gain. Unless it's about to break it's likely going to remain largely unchanged.

Need suggestions..what should i get?StellarXemStratisLoki

Hmmm. a less obvious bot?

Thank god someone stepping up to protect us from the evils that lurk on the internet

I guess I need some new websites. Apparently there's interesting stuff going on somewhere I'm missing out on.

if true wasabi is the next target

if that goes down all them maximalist are going to have 2nd thoughts

huge for xmr and it's derivatives like loki

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How they can hack your phone with just plugging in

I've had a loki wallet. I have the file that says the name of the wallet and also a file that ends in .keys. However, I seem to be unable to restore the wallet using thise files. Anyone knows how to do it?