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Any plans to release Session on Windows phones?

Windows.... phones?

...I bet Jason in cringing.

I thought that whole thing died.

Thought that was going to be a no.

When session for BlackBerry

They're still around. I haven't seen them in retail in a while.

I don't do any dev work on Session, so I can't answer conclusively.

"In January 2019, Microsoft announced that support for Windows 10 Mobile would end on December 10, 2019, and that Windows 10 Mobile users should migrate to iOS or Android phones."

I must have the last Windows phone.

It's not that I like Windows, it's just that I hate Google and the price of Apple.

Hey guys, a community member here opened a couple of issues looking for comments on exit nodes:https://github.com/loki-project/loki-improvement-proposals/issues/17https://github.com/loki-project/loki-improvement-proposals/issues/18
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Any plans to release Session on Windows phones?

Flip phones are making a comeback. Never say never. Ok I’m thinking never.

The most secure messaging at all is when you take the battery out. This is clearly the reason why most phones don't have removable batteries nowadays: it's an NSA plot.

what if i made a hardware switch that completely disconnects the battery

you think there will be demand?

I doubt it. When does anyone actually turn their phone off?

i have a measily 10GB vps and can't upgrade the drive space, can i just use a 20gb dropbox account as a virtual drive to save the .loki/lmdb blockchain file? or is it going to be too slow ?

I would advice against doing that.

I would rather buy a storage server and mount via ntfs

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Hello Guys I have this error message on my wallet:

could'nt send the money.Daemon is busy error when sending

I'm using Loki Wallet

on windows, ios android?

GUI Version: v0.11.1.0-563-g51e3dc1 (Qt 5.10.1)

GUI Version: v0.11.1.0-563-g51e3dc1 (Qt 5.10.1)

yea upgrade to the latest, here is the Github link https://github.com/loki-project/loki-electron-gui-wallet/releases/download/v1.3.3/loki-electron-wallet-1.3.3-win.exe

Alright thank you very much Chris :)

It was sleeping for a while :D

It was sleeping for a while :D

Every time there is a hard fork, you need to be running the latest wallet version, otherwise it won't be able to accept new blocks passed that forks block height. So if you ever have issues with your wallet, just download the latest version.

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