Ohh damn! I forgot I started the group

Are you able to generate an invite link now Jimmy?

You should be able to now

ahha ment to search not type that** disregard

I see the has power is continuing to rise

Im Feeling suddenly poor

I dont think I'll sell it to anyone for less than 15c a pop

What are your prices guys?

I'm going to need everybody to turn their computers off for a day or two so I can mine my way to 10k

haha not sure Simon, i dont think i want to sell any of mine just yet

Happy to move the price to 15c each.

I probably wouldn't sell any either haha

block reward @ 46.81

What's a block reward

Haven't mined a bloke in almost 1000blokes

Andrew?! You've been the hidden miner

Thank you Andrew

I'm gonna get 10 VPS things running while your computer is on holiday

I think we need to hire someone to sort some issues

Have you worked in C++ Andrew?

As a consultant to help Simon and Igor

The pool isn't an issue, it's the wallet we're having difficulty with

In the simple wallet, yes, but the walletd should work

How do Dash do masternodes?

Great news, I managed to get my first block reward in 970 blocks

Thats why the pool was delayed

Progress: Josh and I brainstormed a few names and wireframed the website. We'll put something together for the community to have a vote.

Hey guys its kee here

Jefforwa in the house

man i hate using my real name, so i have lots of alter egos

All good jefforwa welcome

Are mixins currently working? i couldn't work out how to send a TX with mixins

I haven't successfully done a mix in. Have you sent a transaction yet? Transaction mixin address then amount of tokens

yeah but it comes up with errors when you send a non 0 mixin

Maybe because it needs more transactions in the block to mix in with?

if it works like monero it shoudlent matter how many TX are in the block monero pulls TXes from the whole history of the blockchain to mix from

and it should work like monero since monero is a fork of bytecoin

What does the error say?