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The one
Just curious, what caused that?

No idea. Maybe someone running 10 nodes on a toaster.

he's probably using netbsd

Is it possible to turn off color in cli?

I think you can compile without color support but not sure what flag it is

Never mind, I stripped with sed

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there’s your pulse!

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Nguyen Thanh Bac
what is the mean?

to implement Perfect Forward Secrecy (meaning even if someone did decrypt a message, they wouldn't be able to read past or future messages with that key), Signal establishes something called a session that tracks the information needed for PFS to work properly. Both the sender and receiver have some information in sync on both sides for it work. When it gets out of sync, you have to reset the session so they can get in sync again. It's sort like reseting counters back to zero. Reseting session is usually a manual process triggered by one of the users. Resetting a session can have some privacy and security implications, so I only recommend requesting it when you're sure it's broken and maybe use another comms channel to ensure both people know about the reset; An unwarranted reset could be a sign of a problem with the security/privacy (but at the moment, it's more likely some (multidevice?) bug we're dealing with)

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Hi do you have some public groups adress that can be joined on Session?

chat.getsession.org doesn't open for me

Abdullah Hansen
chat.getsession.org doesn't open for me

are you on desktop or mobile? Is it possible that you already joined it?

It's only Loki Community, other one is named Session Public Chat

Good, I can see you there!

But just with your last message

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10k+ downloads on android now for session.

Pretty cool but as i feared, success with session does not mean a higher loki price.