URGENT: Attention all Service Node operators! Update to v7.1.9 now to avoid your Service Nodes being decommissioned. This is a mandatory upgrade to fix a problem which caused an unintended chain split.GitHub release: Find the release on GitHub here:
Gimme an R! Gimme an E! Gimme a f-a-c-t-o-r! This week we made progress on refactoring Session’s code to help us move beyond the original Signal codebase. Read all about it in this week’s Loki Dev Update:
We spend a lot of time and energy developing and discussing Session. You might be wondering why.Well, there are very good reasons. Here’s how Session adds value to Loki and delivers on our mission of anonymity and privacy:
101 Dev Updates, and a shiny new feature image to celebrate!If you’re using Session on Android or Desktop, expect a big update (like the one iOS got last week) coming soon! Read more:
Apple might've been getting all the Session juice lately, but Android and Desktop users, we haven’t forgotten about you! That sweet nectar is coming your way soon — in the form of a major refactor. Check out all the latest at Loki:
Lokinet is a lightning-fast new onion router that runs on a network of incentivised nodes to let you explore the internet in privacy and safety.Anonymity. Privacy. Censorship resistance. This is Lokinet.
If you find a 🐴 in your Session app this week, it might be because some new Android fixes have delivered the most stable version yet. Check out that and everything else going on at Loki in this week’s Dev Update:
The Loki blockchain is at the core of everything we’re building here at the Loki Project.Read up on how our blockchain helped us build three of our coolest products: Session, Lokinet, and Blink.
It can be alarming when apps request certain permissions — are those requests harmless or a legitimate security concern? So, what do all these permissions actually mean?We take a peek at the permissions requested by Android’s top private messengers:
Desktop, your day is coming. The Desktop Session refactor is nearly here — we promise. Read all about that and everything else that has been going on at Loki lately:
Warning! ⚠️ A scammer has been circulating a link to a fake wallet.The Loki Wallet has auto-updates to help avoid this, but if you want to download software manually, make sure it’s from the official Loki GitHub or website:
Service Node Apps, or SNApps, are Lokinet’s bread and butter. Here are some of the things you can do with SNApps:
Keep your finger on the pulse! The Loki Pulse, that is.That’s right, we’ve started work on Pulse, Loki’s move to a full PoS consensus mechanism.Check out the details in this week’s Dev Update:
You asked. We listened. Bigger Session closed groups are coming.We've made progress on shared sender keys — the tech we need to improve performance and increase sizes for closed groups.Read all about this week's latest in this week's Dev Update:
Service Node ops — we'll be deprecating development support for Loki Launcher at the next major Loki hard fork.But don't worry: we’re making a tool to make sure migrating your Service Node to use Debian packages will be quick and easy. Read more:
DeFi, but low-key. That's right, Loki is entering the DeFi space.Introducing Blockswap — our new private cross-chain asset swapping service.Read more:
The DeFi world has come a long way in the last few years, but we think Blockswap can fix some of DeFi's biggest unsolved problems.This is how we think Blockswap’s cross-chain asset swapping can change the game:
Pulse check — Pulse is getting very close to a testnet launch. This week we made headway on some final preparation for that release. Read all about that and all the other goings-on at Loki from the last week:
It’s that time again — Loki Request for Comment. This time, it’s all about Blockswap. This LRC has some economic details, but it's chiefly concerned with reward distribution. We encourage everyone from the community to discuss here:
How do you like them onions? 🧅 This week at Loki, we’ve added onion routing to Session open groups and file server requests, so you can chat and share attachments with total peace of mind.All that and more in this week’s Dev Update: