There have been some nasty scammers going around. A friendly reminder that we will never DM you first, and to always make sure you are downloading official releases (,, This particular scam involved a misspelt GitHub repository, make sure you’re careful about where you download software from.
Attention all Service Node operators:We’ve released a patch that resolves an issue which caused some Loki Storage Servers to become unreachable. This patch is a recommended upgrade, as it will improve the stability of your Service Node.Loki Launcher instructions: instructions :

We’ve patched a bug that caused Session Desktop users to be unable to restore from seed. Session IDs created on desktop client versions pre-1.0.3 are still functional, but are not able to restore from seed. To restore from seed, you’ll need to create a new Session ID on Session Desktop v1.0.4 or later. Desktop clients should automatically receive a notification to update to version 1.0.4. Mobile clients are unaffected by this bug.

A brand new Lokinet version is rolling out on mainnet — Lokinet 0.7.0 is running on 78 Service Nodes and counting! If you’re a SN operator and want to upgrade to 0.7.0, get in touch with us.Read about Lokinet 0.7.0 and all the other goings-on at Loki in this week’s Dev Update:
What the fork? That’s right, it’s Valiant Vidar 7.0.0. The next Lok iNetwork hardfork is coming soon to a Service Node near you. This one’s packing onion requests for Session, the Loki Name System, and an adjustment to the block reward. Read more:
Hardforks are hard work! 👷We've just put the finishing touches on Valiant Vidar, ready for the hardfork in about a week — locked in at block height 496,969. Check out all the Loki news in this week's Dev Update:

The Valiant Vidar hardfork will arrive at block height 496,969. For those of you playing at home, that's around 2PM AEDT March 25. 🗓️(We'll update this time as we get closer to the block height.)

ATTENTION ALL SERVICE NODE OPERATORSThe mandatory upgrade period has begun. Start upgrading your Service Nodes to the Valiant Vidar compatible binaries now. This hardfork will require upgrades to Lokinet, lokid and the Loki storage server. The instructions for upgrading have changed, so please read them carefully. If you are running a custom installation with firewalling then note that this upgrade requires a new storage server port (22020 by default) to be opened.The mandatory upgrade period will end at block 496,969 (about 7 days from now), so make sure you have upgraded before then.Loki Launcher instructions: instructions :
Aaaaaaare you ready to hardfork?That’s right, Valiant Vidar is almost here — bringing LNS names for Session, a rewritten Lokinet DHT, and Blink by default.Check out all the latest Loki news in this week’s Dev Update:
One more time for the Service Node ops in the back — Valiant Vidar is just over 5 hours away!We've also rolled out a Loki Storage Server upgrade — but it's optional.New upgrade instructions:Loki Launcher:

Loki Name Service.Blink transactions by default.Improved onion routing for Session.Valiant Vidar is here — and it's packing some serious heat.

With the arrival of Valiant Vidar, the Loki suite now has namespaces! Our new LNS system means you can assign a custom username or alias to your Session ID or Loki wallet address. Here's how it all works:
Hi, my name is __. 👋Been wondering how to snag yourself a username with Valiant Vidar's new Loki Name System? 🤔Well, here's how:
Instant private transactions. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. With Valiant Vidar, Blink is now switched on by default.Here's everything you need to know:
Give me a G! Give me a U! Give me an I! Give me a GUI!That’s right, it’s a shiny new Lokinet GUI, coming soon to a client near you.Here's everything you need to know about Loki this week:
The scammers we had skulking around on Discord a while ago have crawled back out of their holes. Once again, a friendly reminder that we'll never DM you first, and to always make sure you are downloading official releases (,, This particular scam involved a misspelt GitHub repository, make sure you’re careful about where you download software from. We've also got some key signature verification guides on the way, so you can make extra sure you've got the official software.
You've got mail! 🔔 This week we gave Session’s iOS notification system some love — we’re working on a ground-up revamp for increased reliability.Read all about that and everything else going on at Loki in this week's Dev Update:
Valiant Vidar v7.1.3 is out! This one's recommended for all Service Node ops out there — it has updates for lokid, Loki Name System, Loki Storage Server, and Service Node bug fixes. Upgrade instructions can be found here: Loki Launcher:
Lokinet never looked so good: introducing Lokinet’s first ever GUI! Now is the perfect time to get started with Lokinet — here's how you can get your GUI on:
Lokinet GUI for Mac is getting closer... Onion requests are ready for iOS...How about them apples? 🍎Read about everything that's been going on at Loki this week:
We're going to be 🔴ON AIR🔴 in 30 minutes! Watch the Loki Community Roundtable live:
You request onions, you get onions.This week, onion requests rolled out in Session v.1.1.0 — but it’s still just one hop for now. Check out the latest Loki Dev Update:

Ubuntu 16.04, it’s been fun… but it’s time to move on. Service Node operators — Loki’s next hardfork marks the end of Ubuntu 16.0.4 support. This is still a while away, but make sure you update as soon as you can.

URGENT: Attention all Service Node operators! Update to v7.1.9 now to avoid your Service Nodes being decommissioned. This is a mandatory upgrade to fix a problem which caused an unintended chain split.GitHub release: Find the release on GitHub here:
Gimme an R! Gimme an E! Gimme a f-a-c-t-o-r! This week we made progress on refactoring Session’s code to help us move beyond the original Signal codebase. Read all about it in this week’s Loki Dev Update:
We spend a lot of time and energy developing and discussing Session. You might be wondering why.Well, there are very good reasons. Here’s how Session adds value to Loki and delivers on our mission of anonymity and privacy:
101 Dev Updates, and a shiny new feature image to celebrate!If you’re using Session on Android or Desktop, expect a big update (like the one iOS got last week) coming soon! Read more:
Apple might've been getting all the Session juice lately, but Android and Desktop users, we haven’t forgotten about you! That sweet nectar is coming your way soon — in the form of a major refactor. Check out all the latest at Loki:
Lokinet is a lightning-fast new onion router that runs on a network of incentivised nodes to let you explore the internet in privacy and safety.Anonymity. Privacy. Censorship resistance. This is Lokinet.
If you find a 🐴 in your Session app this week, it might be because some new Android fixes have delivered the most stable version yet. Check out that and everything else going on at Loki in this week’s Dev Update:
The Loki blockchain is at the core of everything we’re building here at the Loki Project.Read up on how our blockchain helped us build three of our coolest products: Session, Lokinet, and Blink.
What do you get when you combine an 🧅, an 🧅, and an 🧅?Session’s brand-new 3-hop onion routing! Read all about that and more in this week’s Loki Dev Update:
Peak irony for "private” messengers: Asking for personal information to create an account. Check out our a breakdown of what some of private messaging’s biggest players ask for at sign-up, and what that means for your privacy:
It can be alarming when apps request certain permissions — are those requests harmless or a legitimate security concern? So, what do all these permissions actually mean?We take a peek at the permissions requested by Android’s top private messengers:
Desktop, your day is coming. The Desktop Session refactor is nearly here — we promise. Read all about that and everything else that has been going on at Loki lately:

Thinking of running a Service Node? Check out this awesome tool which lets you calculate staking requirements and rewards:

Warning! ⚠️ A scammer has been circulating a link to a fake wallet.The Loki Wallet has auto-updates to help avoid this, but if you want to download software manually, make sure it’s from the official Loki GitHub or website:
Service Node Apps, or SNApps, are Lokinet’s bread and butter. Here are some of the things you can do with SNApps:
Keep your finger on the pulse! The Loki Pulse, that is.That’s right, we’ve started work on Pulse, Loki’s move to a full PoS consensus mechanism.Check out the details in this week’s Dev Update:
You asked. We listened. Bigger Session closed groups are coming.We've made progress on shared sender keys — the tech we need to improve performance and increase sizes for closed groups.Read all about this week's latest in this week's Dev Update: