The Trusty Tyr Hardfork has landed… 🚀And with it comes Checkpointing!✅ ✅ ✅✅ ✅ ❌Read about Loki's killer new feature here:
We are making big progress on our instant payment mechanism, Loki Blink. 👁We are also starting work on LNS, so you will be able to make custom .loki addresses! Keep up to date with all the news at Loki with the latest Dev Update:
This week we made big progress on Loki Name Service (LNS)! Which .loki address will you get? 🤔Read about all the Loki news in the latest Dev Update:
Show off your style with Loki Messenger's new custom profile pictures.Check out everything we've been up to at Loki this week:
Stay connected at home and on the go, Loki Messenger's multi-device support is just around the corner!Check out everything we've been up to at Loki this week:
If you're using Lokinet, you might've heard people mention 'testnet'. Wondering what it actually means? Read here about it here 👇
After months of work, we finally got to launch Loki Messenger's multi-device feature this week!Read about that and all the latest from the Loki team in this week's dev update:
Lots of work went into making multi-device work on a decentralised messenger. 🔧Here's how we did it. 👇
Instant transactions are on the way — Blink hits testnet! We’re aiming for an end-of-year mainnet release. You can read about all the latest at Loki in the latest Dev Update:
We recommend all Service Node operators upgrade their nodes to lokid 5.1.5. This fixes an issue where an incorrect Service Node list could be calculated, causing the node to get stuck. to update: Loki Launcher:

The Loki Foundation is requesting proposals from the public to contribute to the development and operation of the Loki Project. This process is to ensure the transparency and independence of the Loki Foundation.

This week the devs have been hard at work turning Loki Messenger into... something new! More to come on that soon. For now, read all about the latest in this week's Dev Update:
Easy as...oh, the Loki already transferred. Blink is looking lightning fast on testnet! ⚡️
Loki will be hardforking to Nimble Nerthus in just under ONE MONTH! This hardfork will enable Blink and Lokinet on the mainnet! Read more about the hardfork here:
Session is gearing up for launch. 🚀 This week, we started back-end development to prepare for the Session launch. Check out all the latest Loki news in this week's dev update:
Most of the team is on holiday this week — resting up for a big 2020. Everyone else is squashing bugs in preparation for the mandatory upgrade period and getting Session ready for launch. Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update:
Service Node operators! Today marks the start of the mandatory upgrade period for the Nimble Nerthus release.Make sure you're ready for the hardfork:
The Nimble Nerthus hardfork is just around the corner! This week, the Loki team was busy making sure everything was ready for the big day.Read all about it in the latest Dev Update: If you're running a Service Node, remember to upgrade!

The Loki team is back in business! Everyone is back in the Melbourne office from today.But, some of us were still working while the rest rested — mostly on Session. Read all about it in the latest Dev Update:

Service Node operators! We've resolved a bug which causes v6.1.0 Service Nodes to produce invalid checkpoint data.We recommend upgrading to v6.1.1 as soon as you can.Loki Launcher instructions: will publish Debian builds soon.
The Debian builds for v6.1.1 are out!This is a recommended — but not mandatory — upgrade. Remember, Nimble Nerthus is dropping tomorrow, so make sure your Service Nodes are up to date.Debian:
Final call! Service Node operators, you have approximately 12 hours before the Nimble Nerthus hardfork. Don’t get deregistered — upgrade now! Debian: Launcher:
This week was all about the Nimble Nerthus hardfork. Blink and Lokinet have landed on mainnet! Read all about it in the latest Dev Update:
Service Node operators, we have a new update for lokid and Lokinet! We very strongly recommend upgrading, as this update seeks to resolve Blink's problems on mainnet, and some Lokinet stability issues. Debs:
Loki v 6.1.4 is out. This is upgrade fixes a rare issue in all existing 6.0.X releases which can cause Service Nodes to stop sending uptime proofs. This is a recommended upgrade for all Service Nodes.Debs:
The time is (almost) now — Session is nearly here! This week we focused on internal testing to get Session ironed out and ready for launch.Read all about it, and all the other latest dev news from Loki:
This week was all about Session — squashing bugs and merging pull requests as we get closer to launch.Read all about it in the latest Dev Update:
Session's message routing solution is going to be changing for the immediate future.Watch Simon and Kee explain our new plan for Session — onion requests.
Come and join the Loki Community Roundtable! We're live NOW!

Good news — Session will be out on Android and desktop today! It's important for you to know that Session and Loki Messenger DON'T work together. Make sure you delete Loki Messenger before you install Session. You'll also be getting a brand new Session ID. Talk soon. 😉

Finally, the Loki community can hang out on a Loki platform! Come and join Loki's open group chat on Session.Use this Open Group URL:

If you have an appetite for technical reading, here's something to keep you entertained for a while. The Session whitepaper! 32 pages of security goodness.
You guessed it: this week was all about Session (again).But this time — it’s really out! You can download and use Session NOW!Read about the Session release and all the other things going on at Loki in this week’s Dev Update:

Our devs have been busy squashing bugs and cleaning code. Thanks to all their hard work, there’s a new Session client bug fix release available now. Make sure you pick it up — rolling out now on Android, iOS and desktop.

Session bug fixes, LNS prep work, and Lokinet 0.7.0 on the horizon — that’s right, it’s time for Loki Dev Update #88.Check out the finer details, including a Loki Core contribution from community dev Darcys22:
Bug fixes? We’ve got ‘em! This week, we squashed some more Session bugs and made progress on Lokinet 0.7.0. Read all about it in the latest Dev Update:
The Loki Foundation's request for comment #6 is open!This one’s about the Loki block reward, so we hope you’ll all have plenty of feedback and input. Make sure you join the discussion:
Multi-device got some serious TLC in this week’s Session client updates for iOS and Android.📱🔗💻 And Lokinet’s stability is on the up-and-up too!Here's everything you need to know about last week at $LOKI: