Read the latest Loki Dev Update, featuring Checkpointing! checkpointing in action on testnet here:
We have the best community ever! Technical Tumbleweed whipped up this cute little Lokiman game. Linux users, check it out!
Service Node Operators! Make sure you know about the Service Node changes that will be implemented in the Hefty Heimdall hardfork! Read about them here:

Service Node Operators! The Hefty Heimdall hardfork is happening in approximately 48 hours. Please make sure you have updated to Hefty Heimdall by following these guides: Loki Launcher Users: Legacy Users:

The Loki Messenger beta will have public chat channels soon! Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update!
Service Node Operators! We have found some bugs in the way the Storage Server communicates with the Loki Launcher. This could cause nodes to stop sending uptime proofs. We have patched this in a new release, and a guide on how to update can be found here: running Loki using the legacy method are also encouraged to update their Loki Storage Server to version 1.0.4:
👍👍 The Loki Block Explorer now has handy emojis to help you recognise the different transaction types! 🔓 Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update! (Also featuring Loki Launcher bug fixes)
Loki Messenger beta for iOS is now running on mainnet Service Nodes (bye testnet)! Download the latest version here: version should update auto-magically too. Happy testing!
As of today (like, right now), Loki is listed on Binance DEX! Check out our handy blog post to find out everything you need to know about B-Loki, Loki Bridge, and how it all works.
It was a big week for Loki Messenger, which is now available on iOS and Android! Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update!

Having troubles with Loki Messenger beta on Android 9? Download this bug-squashing (hopefully) update!

One account to rule them all! We’ve started work on multi-device support for Loki Messenger. Read more in the latest Loki Dev Update here:

🛑 SCAMMER WARNING 🛑Hey everyone! There have been some scammers impersonating members of the Loki team recently, so we want to take a second to remind you that: We will NEVER message you firstWe will NEVER ask you for moneyWe will NEVER message you with special offers If you are ever unsure, contact a Loki team member with the official Admin tag, or ask in the community channel. Stay safe.

Sorry for the delay, everyone - you gotta love temperamental tech! Come join us at this new link:

Service Node operators! We’ve just released version 4.0.4 which fixes a number of bugs which could result in deregistration!Follow this guide to update with the Loki Launcher: if you have a legacy node, follow this guide:

Service Node Operators! We STRONGLY RECOMMEND updating to Hefty Heimdall 4.0.5 immediately. Due to a bug in the previous release, there’s a high chance you’ll be deregistered if you don’t.To update with Loki Launcher, follow this guide: you have a legacy node, follow this guide:

This week, @KeeJef brings you the latest Dev Update straight outta Berlin! Awesome progress made on Lokinet - exciting news coming soon!
Chatting with your mates on Loki Messenger will soon be a whole lot easier!You'll be able to add friends with QR codes and add moderators in group chats! Read more about it (and all our other updates) in the latest Dev Update:
The team has had another busy week, check out the latest in our new Dev Update!’ve got heaps of exciting Loki Messenger and Lokinet news coming out this week — so stay tuned!
You can now add friends on Loki Messenger by scanning a QR code right in the app! Easy as A-B-Q-R! Check out our latest messenger update which also features Public Chats, shorter seeds, and more!
The next major Loki Messenger update will include replies in the public chat to make chatting a little easier!Read about this and all the other latest news in the Loki Dev Update:
The more the merrier! Multi-device support for Loki Messenger is closer than ever! You can read all about that, and everything the Loki team is up to, in the latest Dev Update:
What if the Loki blockchain could be more secure, attack resistant, and environmentally friendly?We think it can be, and we think Service Nodes are the best fit for the job. For some technical reading, check out Loki Improvement Proposal 5:

Attention Loki holders - if you're using the Loki Desktop Wallet, IMMEDIATELY update to v1.2.4! It fixes a nasty bug causing high priority transaction fees to be much more Loki than intended.We are currently working on a fix for iOS, in the mean time please ensure that your fee level is not set to high priority.

Attention - There's a scammer on Github called "loki-projects" (added "s") impersonating the Loki project with fake binaries for Loki core and the GUI wallet.DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM THIS SOURCE!Always insure that you are downloading from the correct project on Github here.
Blink and you’ll miss it! That’s how fast Loki Blink, our instant payment mechanism, will be. The first part of Blink is now complete — read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update:
Testnet v5.0.0 is out! Help us find some bugs for your chance to win a chunk of the 4,000 Loki prize pool! Bust bugs, get bags. Easy as that. 🐞Find out everything you need to know here:
Multi-device support for Loki Messenger is nearly complete! And Lokinet is now stable enough to host our weekly dev meetings over voice-chat! 🗣️Check out our latest LOKI Dev Update for more info:
A cross-platform UI for Lokinet is on its way... Adiós command line! 💻Check out our latest Loki Dev Update for more info:
Hey Service Node operators! It's time to update. We are hardforking to Trusty Tyr in about 13 days. Make sure you're on Loki v5.1.0 before the block height reaches 385,824. How to update:
Tired of yelling for attention in Loki Messenger? 📢That's OK, we are too. That's why we're adding @ mentions. Coming really soon! Read about that and much, much more in the Loki Dev Update:
The Loki Foundation has approved LIP-5.The Loki team will work on transitioning to a full Proof of Stake consensus mechanism throughout 2020. We're still gathering feedback on how to distribute the remaining mining reward. Have your say:
We STRONGLY recommend that Service Node Operators update to Loki 5.1.2 before the Trusty Tyr Hardfork next week.This release fixes a rare but serious bug which could freeze your lokid post-fork.Update 👇Loki launcher:
We are super close to finishing File Attachments for Loki Messenger. 📎What’s more, they’ll be cross platform from day one!Check out this week’s $LOKI Dev Update to read about everything we’re working on:
Final warning Service Node operators! The Trusty Tyr Hardfork is about 4 hours away. ⏰If you aren't on Loki 5.1.2, UPDATE NOW to avoid deregistration. 👇Loki launcher:… Debs: