The Loki Foundation has contributed $15,000 USD towards the Q2 2019 research costs of Sarang Noether from the Monero Research Labs, recognising that advances in the CryptoNote protocol benefit all of us. Check out what was produced in April with our contribution:
SERVICE NODE + MINING POOL ANNOUNCEMENT! Here are the v 3.0.6 binaries. It's STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you update to this release as it fixes a bug that could cause your node to deregister.
As of 15 May 2019, Cryptopia is now defunct and is being liquidated. We understand that a number of Loki community members have been affected by this news. We are currently looking at various ways to handle the situation. In the meantime, we recommend reaching out to [email protected] if you've been affected. We will update the community on this shortly.Please see Cryptopia's website for more details on the liquidation:
Jason Rhinelander went from being an active Loki community member to a Director of the LAG Foundation. Now a Loki Dev, he'll be filming a QnA with Project Lead Simon Harman tomorrow during the Loki SNAppathon! Got a question for Jason or Simon? Submit here:

Better late than never! Have a read of the latest Loki Dev Update:

Last week we started working on Blink! Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update!

Thanks to everyone who supported Loki's first SNAppathon! Congratulations to the winning SNApp which was an anonymous complaints platform - the idea being you have a safe space to provide feedback without fear of service disruption or other repercussions. Check out some pics from the day!
Wish you’d been in New York for Blockchain Week? Check out our highlights!
Hey Loki Gang! We want to address some of the community concerns around our development timelines. Kee Jeffreys, Loki Tech Lead, and Simon Harman, Loki Project Lead, sat down to talk things through and answer some questions you may have! always, you can keep up to date with our Weekly Dev Updates! Here’s the latest, featuring the now testable Loki Debian package!

The Loki Foundation annually solicits proposals from the public to carry out development and operational tasks in respect to the Loki Project.This process ensures the Loki Foundation operates with transparency and independence. Check it out here:

Loki Project Lead Simon Harman sat down with Jagerman - Loki Community member turned Loki Foundation Director - to answer some questions submitted by the community. Have a watch!
Have a read of this week's Dev Update!
This Friday 7th June 10:00 AM AEST we will be filming a live community roundtable hosted by Project Lead Simon Harman, and featuring a developer from every aspect of the Loki Project. Swing by to chat to the team and ask questions. For those who can’t make it, submit a question for the team here and keep an eye out for the video!Video link will be announced closer to the date.
We’re super proud to announce the upcoming Hefty Heimdall hardfork which will include the Loki Messenger alpha and Checkpointing! Read up, it’s right around the corner!
Loki Gang! Help us test out the new Loki iOS wallet before it hits the App Store. If you’re running an iOS device, head to this link and follow the instructions to test out the wallet. IMPORTANT: This is merely for testing. Do not send large amounts of Loki or use this as your primary wallet until the final version is available for download on the iOS App Store.
The Loki Community Roundtable is kicking off in 10 minutes! Join now:
Miss our live Loki Community Roundtable? Catch up here! Feat. a very spontaneous office tour.
We've been doing Dev Updates for a whole year now, Loki Gang! Number 52 coming right at you:
The Hefty Heimdall hardfork will be happening on July 24. It’s an important upgrade for Service Node operators - so here’s a rundown on what to expect and how to prepare for it.
Work has begun on Blink! Check out this little vid explaining what Blink is, and why we think it’s cool: a more in-depth read, check out this document on the proposed Blink design:
The Loki iOS Wallet is now available on the App Store. Download it now and carry LOKI with you wherever you go!
SERVICE NODE OPERATORS!The Loki Launcher is now available and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that all Service Nodes update! Using Loki Launcher will make updating your Service Node easier, reduce your chances of being deregistered, and allow you to manage all aspects of your Service Node software with one unified config file!Everything you need to know about installing the Loki Launcher can be found here:
For those who missed the cheeky little demo in the Jagerman QnA video, you can watch the Loki Messenger in action here!
Check out the latest Loki Dev Update and read about what went into the recent Loki Launcher and iOS Wallet releases!
The GUI Electron wallet has just been updated! Download version 1.2.0 now! Featuring one-click unstaking for Service Nodes, transaction filtering, a new Portuguese translation, and more!Get it here:

Been holding out for a Loki web wallet? Loki Locker is back for public testing! Have a play and let us know how you go! But don’t use large amounts of Loki - we’re still in testing 😉

Our Weekly Dev Update is now out! Have a read!

Due to the discovery of a few minor bugs, the Hefty Heimdall testnet binaries will now be released on June 28. They were originally scheduled for release tomorrow (June 26), however these additional 48 hours will improve everyone’s Hefty Heimdall testnet experience.

After a lot of internal discussion and external input from the Loki community, we have decided to change our hashing algorithm and disable merge mining. If all goes well during the Hefty Heimdall testnet period, Loki will be hardforking to RandomXL (based on RandomX) on July 24, which should help to equalise the hashrate distribution. Read more about our decision here:
The Loki team is thrilled to announce that we will be joining the Binance ecosystem on Binance Chain!
Show us some love, Loki Gang! Make some noise on our Binance DEX proposal listing!!
Testnet binaries for the 4.0.0 Hefty Heimdall release have been published here: and here: We will be releasing the Loki Launcher update shortly so that it is easier to set up a Service Node on testnet.
Earlier this year, the Loki Foundation contributed $15,000 USD towards the Q2 2019 research costs of Sarang Noether from the Monero Research Labs. Check out what was produced in June with our contribution: 💫
Have a read of the latest Loki Dev Update, featuring relaxed Service Node deregistration rules and more!
Loki Gang! This is a guide on precisely how to show your support for us on the Binance Dex proposal listing. Check it out and show us some love! Let’s get listed!

Loki Launcher is now live on testnet! It’s never been so easy to test the new Hefty Heimdall release!Get amongst it with this handy guide:

Get your questions ready, it’s time for another Loki Roundtable! Tune in at 10am AEST July 10, or submit a question here:
The Loki Messenger Beta is now on available on Windows, Mac and Linux! Download it and post your Public Key (your LOKI MESSENGER PUBLIC KEY) in the Telegram or Discord chat to test it with your fellow Loki Gang!Get the Loki Messenger Beta here: Loki Messenger Public Keys belong to some of the Loki Devs! Collect them all and say hi!Kee: 05a92ff579f67faf1c50472cb4ef72dc42d977e44de0cc865c454573de5f6a7444Niels: 0552abe5785eb3f55b22f0deeb80a3917fd56c3ad5f7cd99a37a1731400e4ef53aRyan: 05f01dde3ea62afce81967d3a961884d3c65a390be51e926feaa1aab5e402eaa29Beau: 058131f605438547bf04c88587fd2bb0fbddc09156c14be828323011cf0595e676Please post any issues or problems here:

Due to some vulnerabilities found in Monero, we have released a new set of binaries. To protect your Service Node, please upgrade to this latest release.Follow this guide to update with the Loki

Our proposal to join Binance Dex has been approved by the Binance Chain validators! Loki will soon be part of the Binance Chain ecosystem! Stay tuned for more updates!

Have a read of the latest Loki Dev Update! if you’re testing Loki Messenger on desktop, make sure you’re using the updated version!
Have a burning question for the Loki team? Tune in at 10am AEST tomorrow July 10 for our next live Community Roundtable! you can’t make the live recording, submit your question here:
15 mins til the Loki Community Roundtable! Get ready to tune in!
Our website has a fresh new look! Come and play!
The Hefty Heimdall mandatory upgrade period has begun! Read this guide to make sure you’re prepared!