Check out our latest Dev Update featuring exciting research on Service Node swarm testing!
Loki’s latest Dev Update! Read up and follow our development! 😎
Check out our latest Dev Update! We 💚 our Devs!
We're happy to announce that due to positive community sentiment and a vote signalling approval from the Loki Foundation to financially support the implementation, the Loki team will now begin implementing LIP-3 (Service Node Checkpointing) into our consensus protocol. Once implementation research has been completed, we will announce a release timeline. 🎈
Tune in and watch Loki Core Infinite Staking development live from the Loki office! 📺
If you're in Melbourne tomorrow night, come along and see Kee Jefferys in panel at Pause Fest with Jimmy Nguyen, Lucas Cullen from Civic Ledger, and Leah Callon-Butler from on The Future of Bitcoin.
Check out our latest Dev Update! We have now started live-streaming Loki Core development featuring doy_lee 🙌
Have a read of our latest Loki Dev Update, and watch the checkpointing progress from the approved LIP-3 👊
Miss the Lokinet Alpha demo last month? Don’t stress, we filmed it! Watch here:
Considering a One Click Service Node or Pool? Read this first 👇
Loki is partnering with Arweave to make an anonymous permaweb access gateway: SILO 💪
Have a read of the latest Dev Update, work begins on a new GUI Wallet, get excited!
Everything you need to know about the upcoming Loki hardfork: Summer Sigyn ☀️
Exciting news in this Dev Update: We’ve been making steady progress on Loki Messenger, and are now using it internally in the office to test for bugs and UI!
Have a read of our Company Update for December & January! Highlights include our Festive Freya release and accompanying social campaign, Bulletproofs, our response to the AA Bill, and Checkpointing. 👌
Check out our latest Dev Update featuring updates on INFINITE STAKING and our new Loki Gui Wallet 💚
Infinite Staking is now LIVE on TESTNET! Have a play around and prepare yourself for the HARDFORK, which is now happening on the 26th of March! Here's what's new:
Summer Sigyn's CLI binaries are here, so start upgrading now! It's not long until the hardfork on the 26th of March.IMPORTANT!!! This is a mandatory upgrade for all Service Nodes, Miners, and Full Nodes. Make sure you upgrade to the new release before March 26th or you're going to be left behind... And no one wants that. 🤡
Have a read of the latest Loki Dev Update! Much respect to the Loki community, @jagerman42 and scilicet64 in particular, for finding bugs and submitting code to Loki Core! 👏
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! We have released Summer Sigyn v3.0.1 after discovering a critical bug in v 3.0.0 that will result in deregistrations very soon. ALL SERVICE NODES must UPDATE IMMEDIATELY to the new v3.0.1 to remain registered.
SERVICE NODE ANNOUNCEMENT! Here are the v 3.0.2 binaries. You MUST UPDATE to this release or risk having your nodes deregistered. If you ran v 3.0.1 with the additional steps to rescan the database, this doesn't apply to you. For everyone else it is extremely important that you update.
Loki's latest Dev Update is here! Make sure you update your Service Node to version 3.0.2 before the hardfork in approximately 12 hours! ⏰
We've officially released our brand spanking new GUI wallet! It's built on a completely new framework to provide better stability and fewer crashes!
Miss out on TOKEN2049? Catch up now! Watch Loki's Simon Harman in panel with Phil Chen, Alexander Zaidelson (Beam) & Reuben Yap (Zcoin) on Why Privacy Matters. 📺

Have a read! 📚 How Loki Messenger will tackle private group messaging.

Loki is now live on Coinvest with $BTC $ETH $COIN and $GUSD pairings. Get trading, people! 🥳
Have a read of our mega, MEGA Dev Update this week! It's hefty😉
The Loki Foundation achieves registered charity status in Australia!
Simon Harman from the Loki Network and Sam Williams from Arweave sat down at Token2049 to discuss all things SILO. Check it out!

Loki Gang! You might have noticed the new 'SUBSCRIBE' button on our website! We are now offering Loki Monthly Wrap Ups, and the first one goes out tomorrow! If you like the sound of this, make sure you subscribe!

Have a read of the LONGEST DEV UPDATE YET (if you dare 😱) featuring lots of work on the iOS wallet!

After receiving confirmation from Cryptopia, we are delighted to report that no $LOKI was lost in the Cryptopia hack! 👊

The Loki Foundation has voted to update its Service Node policy. Read about the changes here:

Loki is proud to present our first ever SNAppathon! Join us in New York for a single day hackathon event. Create a SNApp within the Loki ecosystem and be mentored by the Loki devs. Over $2000 in prizes. Limited places. RSVP essential.

Check out the new Loki Dev Update! We're now accepting translations for the new GUI Wallet! If you can translate into Arabic, Dutch or Korean, head to the Loki Electron GUI Wallet repository for more information!

Loki's Simon Harman talks with Anthony Stevens and Sean Martin for ITSP Magazine! Listen in here:

We merged our first commit for checkpointing this week! Read about it in the new Loki Dev Update!

It’s onion-routing time - get your tissues ready! The Lokinet alpha is officially ready for user testing! It’s available on all platforms so head to the brand new Lokinet website to grab the latest releases. Please note that this is a very early alpha. Be sure to notify us when things break (and they will break) so we can make them un-break.

Last week we released the Lokinet alpha! Read about it in the latest Dev Update!

April's just finished, which means a new Monthly Wrap is right around the corner! Subscribe now to get all things Loki sent straight to your inbox.

This is the last Dev Update before Consensus, Loki Gang! We'll be writing the next one live from New York - make sure you visit our booth!

JOIN US AT CONSENSUS! We are giving away 1 ticket to Consensus 2019! Tweet us @Loki_Project & tell us why you should go. Be creative - we'll pick our favourite answer in 24 hours 😉 (Prize is conference ticket only. Flights & accommodation not included.)