This weeks dev update is here, go check it out
Read the latest article by Loki Tech Lead, Kee Jefferys, examining Loki Messenger and other private messaging applications on metadata, encryption, scalability & attack resistance 🔍
Fancy a Loki Dev Update to peruse? Yeah, we thought so. 😉

Hey Loki Gang! You can now follow all Loki's news & updates on Blockfolio!👌Listen out for our signal! 😉

We are super excited to announce the next release for Loki, Festive Freya (v2.0.0). Read about the new features here!
Check out the latest Loki Dev Update, the last before Festive Freya hits testnet!
Have a play! 🤸‍♀️ If you're interested in trying out the new Festive Freya release on our testnet, the new binaries are available here: This is only for testnet, Service Node operators do not need to update yet.
Loki's latest Dev Update is HERE! Have you tried bulletproof transactions yet?

Loki's feeling FESTIVE!! 🎄🥳 Pay attention to our socials tomorrow (and the whole of December) for some Christmas fun and awesome prizes!

BULLETPROOFS ARE HERE! Get ready to fire off some transactions 😉 Download the latest command line binaries and upgrade to our Festive Freya release! GUI update will be out shortly.IMPORTANT!!! This is a mandatory upgrade for all Service Nodes. Make sure you upgrade to the new release before December the 13th or you're going to be left behind... And no one wants that.
Check out our latest Dev Update and make sure you upgrade to our Festive Freya release! 🥳🎄
Festive Freya Puzzle 4: Clearly the apple of our eye, how many Loki logos do you spy? 🍎
Hey there Loki Community! We have the very first Loki Improvement Proposal (LIP) for you to consider. Have a read then head over to the loki-improvement-proposals channel on Discord to discuss your thoughts.

Congrats to the winner of Festive Freya Advent Calendar Puzzle 4, who is gonna look smokin' in their new Loki long sleeve thanks to our friends at Coinstop!!

Round 2! Festive Freya GUI Release is out now! Make sure you update before Dec 13th. Grab the latest GUI release here:, there have been a bunch of bug fixes to the CLI release. Interested? Check them out here:'t be left behind when the hardfork hits!

Are you feeling FESTIVE? Are you feeling fine? Can you make a LOKI STICKER more Christmassy than mine?

Want to know what Loki SNApps are and how they work? Read here:

Festive Freya puzzle #7 has closed! Thanks for the sticker entries- we look forward to picking our favourite! Puzzle #8 is now live! 😁

Congratulations to the winner of Festive Freya puzzle #7 (our Loki Christmas sticker competition), who won 100 Loki! Enjoy our Loki Christmas sticker pack, and feel free to contribute more stickers by sending them to @HaneldeZAB

The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 has been a hot topic here in Australia - here’s our take on it.
Festive Freya Advent Calendar puzzle #11: Our naming scheme needs your elbow grease, do you have what it takes for our next release? (There's 100 Loki to be won here, folks!)
Hey Y'all. Another weekly Dev Update for everyone featuring progress on Loki Messenger & Lokinet. 👌

The Loki Android Wallet 2.0 is out now. Download it from Google Play and carry Loki with you wherever you go! 🎈🎉

Festive Freya puzzle #13: Now for another festive caper, our next resides in the shaded paper: (12, 5, 12, 1) (18, 24, 9, 2) (10, 32, 6, 3) (7, 10, 10, 2) (2, 12, 4, 4)Today’s prize is a TREZOR thanks to our buddies at Coinstop ❤️
The Festive Freya hardfork will take effect in a matter of hours. Be sure your wallets and Service Nodes are UPDATED. You don't want to accidentally lock up your funds.CLI (Service Nodes): WALLET:
Festive Freya puzzle #16: How many questions are asked in this QnA?
Festive Freya v2.0.2 is out now. If you're having trouble syncing blocks, 161849 in particular, this should do the trick.CLI: WALLET:
Loki’s latest Dev Update - have a read! 👀
你好 !Loki's Whitepaper is now available in CHINESE! 🇨🇳
Festive Freya puzzle #19: It's almost Christmas, you party hound! Check our mainnet launch for something round! 🎈 Today's prize is a TREZOR thanks to our friends at COINSTOP, so get counting!

Congrats to the winner of Festive Freya puzzle #19. Enjoy your brand new Trezor White thanks to our friends at Coinstop! (There were 49 balloons)

Loki is now on https://cryptowolf.euTrade BTC, ETH, LTC or even buy it directly with MasterCard, Maestro or VisaExciting stuff! 🐺

Check out this new QnA answering all you want to know about Service Nodes! you watch it, you’ll also find the answer to Festive Freya puzzle #22!
Festive Freya puzzle #23: Pay attention to our tweets today!

For our FINAL Festive Freya puzzle, we are giving away a Ledger Nano S thanks to our friends at Coinstop!! To be in the running, tweet @Loki_Project something that makes you laugh! 😂

Happy New Year Loki Gang!! Thanks for an AWESOME 2018. We can’t wait for what 2019 will bring - some exciting stuff in the works! 🎉👌

Kick off 2019 with a Dev Update from your favourite project! 😉
2019 is going to be an exciting year! 👌 Check out the latest Dev Update here:
Curious about what the Loki team have been up to over the last two months? Have a read of our Company Update for November/December 2018. 👊
Loki Tech Lead, Kee Jefferys, on clone projects and why only true innovators survive.
In Melbourne and want to catch a Lokinet alpha demo? Come to the Weekly Web3 Hack at RMIT University tomorrow at 6pm!
Check out the latest Dev Update, ft. Infinite Staking 😎