Service Node ops — we'll be deprecating development support for Loki Launcher at the next major Loki hard fork.But don't worry: we’re making a tool to make sure migrating your Service Node to use Debian packages will be quick and easy. Read more:
Session Desktop: Refactor in progress.Loki Core: closer to Pulse. Lokinet: Brimming with added LokiMQ goodness.Learn about everything we're working on in this week's Dev Update:
This week's development highlights include more merging and testing of Session's desktop refactor, progress on Ledger support for LOKI, and some changes to Lokinet peer performance testing.Check it all out in this week's Dev Update:
DeFi, but low-key. That's right, Loki is entering the DeFi space.Introducing Blockswap — our new private cross-chain asset swapping service.Read more:
The DeFi world has come a long way in the last few years, but we think Blockswap can fix some of DeFi's biggest unsolved problems.This is how we think Blockswap’s cross-chain asset swapping can change the game:
Pulse check — Pulse is getting very close to a testnet launch. This week we made headway on some final preparation for that release. Read all about that and all the other goings-on at Loki from the last week:
It’s that time again — Loki Request for Comment. This time, it’s all about Blockswap. This LRC has some economic details, but it's chiefly concerned with reward distribution. We encourage everyone from the community to discuss here:
How do you like them onions? 🧅 This week at Loki, we’ve added onion routing to Session open groups and file server requests, so you can chat and share attachments with total peace of mind.All that and more in this week’s Dev Update: